If January started with a bang, then February definitely began with a sputter and cough for me. I wanted to carry the momentum of the January Cure into the new month, but my bank account had other things in mind. I had hoped to have finished knitting and sewing projects at the beginning of this week, but that just didn’t happen. No projects meant nothing to write, and that felt like I was failing to meet the two-to-three-posts-per-week target I’ve set for myself. Even though I knew it wasn’t the result of laziness, it felt like I’d let myself down. Combined with a bit of bother at work and time spent dealing with (minor) repairs to our only car, it definitely felt like this week was keeping me down.

Fortunately, I managed to bounce back yesterday, just in time to head into the weekend. Not only did I finally finish my first knitting project of the year—and my first selfless knitting project ever—and get it in the mail to the lucky recipient, but I also got two-thirds of the way through a new knitted cowl during a bout of insomnia AND restarted a sweater that I’d nearly finished for myself back in November that, sadly, had to be frogged due to fit/gauge issues.


It’s not much, but it feels so promising to have those 2 inches of ribbing on the needles. I probably won’t fly through the knitting the way I did the first time since it’s working up on considerably smaller needles this go-’round, but I expect to have it done before cold weather leaves. And I will definitely photograph it in better lighting than I get in my east-facing apartment. At night. In the winter.

With any luck, my packet of knitted goodness will be in the new owner’s hands tomorrow, and then I can post the pictures I snagged before I sent it off. If my luck holds, maybe I can even coax a few modeled photos to share too.