Pattern Haul #2: Simplicity

After my McCall’s pattern haul, I wasn’t looking to buy another lot of patterns, but then Hancock advertised a sale on Simplicity ($1.99 each, limit 10) and my resolve wavered. I know they’re known to do better sales—in fact, I just received a flyer for an upcoming one on June 20 where Simplicity patterns are going to be a mere 99¢ each—but I was already planning and scheming in anticipation of wrapping up my Wardrobe Architect series, and I knew I wouldn’t want to wait weeks or months for the next sale, so I’ve decided to regard my actions as “forethought” rather than “compulsive stashing.”

(Patterns are my stash. This, I’m sure, is a surprise to no one but me. Apparently my complete disinterest in stashing fabric and notions blinded me to my desperate coveting of patterns. While my collection doesn’t come close to rivaling those of Lauren or Sarai, I daresay I easily surpass them in glee-felt-while-sitting-amidst-the-stash-as-a-dragon-atop-its-hoard.)

Without further ado, the patterns:


Top Row

1317 – A basic raglan sweatshirt pattern, because I’m already looking forward to autumn.

1425 – A basic, hackable top, because I like the idea of having options.

1421 – I’ve just transitioned from a pretty casual office to an even more casual office, but I still think it’s a good idea to have a suit in the wings for special occasions, and from time to time I like dressing up jeans with a blazer. This is a pretty thick envelope, so I’m looking forward to eventually learning some new techniques too.

Middle Row

1662 – Swishy! That is all.

1559 – Justin talked me into this one, after I spent way too much time debating between it and the one to the right of it. I tried my hand at drafting a basic pencil skirt once and wasn’t thrilled with the outcome, so I thought it might help to start with a professionally drafted version before trying to make further tweaks. Not sure if I’ll ever use the pants option, but hey, it could happen.

1465 – Another basic pencil skirt option. Between this and the previous one, I should be able to come up with my perfect version. If nothing else, one can have all the modifications for a woven skirt and the other can have all the modifications for a knit skirt.

Bottom Row

2600 – While discussing a mutual love of bags with an LYS owner recently, she shared that when she asked a friend if she should buy another tote or if she had enough already, her friend sagely replied, “One more bag wouldn’t be too many.” This is a philosophy I can get behind.

1374 – Another swimsuit pattern. I’m dreaming of luscious mix-and-match options.

5006 – This pattern is more aspirational than practical, because I have no need of a corset in my daily life, and no planned future occasion for one either. But I’ve always wanted to up my game from a Hot Topic fashion corset to The Real Deal, and now I’ll be prepared when that day comes. (I was a Girl Scout, so being prepared is everything. I also have escape plans in case of zombie and/or velociraptor attack.)

Once again I’ll send out the call: Which of these do you like best? Do you have a favorite Simplicity pattern that I should definitely plan to add to my collection?

Pattern Haul #1: McCall’s

In a previous post, I talked about a trip to Hancock to pick out McCall’s patterns on sale for $1.49 each. If you were wondering what I actually ended up bringing home, well, ponder no more! Here’s a look at what I chose, and a few ideas I had for each one.


Top Row

M6359 – I thought this top was designed for knits, but I was looking at it again once I got home and realized it’s intended for wovens. I think it will work equally well for both, and it has the potential to become a TNT pattern for summer tops.

M6754 – I have two dresses from Express very similar to the pink one on the envelope, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity to perfect the fit of this style and make it up in other colors/prints.

M6173 – I love wearing leggings to lounge in so much that I’ve worn holes in the two pairs I own, but I can’t bring myself to go to the mall to replace them. These are definitely going to be a staple for me.

M6084 – I’m always cold, so I depend on cardigans like these to get me through the over-air-conditioned summer months.

M5400 – As an adult I’ve found I’m not much of a beachgoer (I prefer the mountains and fall weather), but I still look forward to getting a new swimsuit in the summer. I’d like to try my hand at making my own since everyone swears how easy it is, and I’m betting a trip to the beach is more fun when you’re sporting handmade suit.

Bottom Row

M7084 – I think Mary of Idle Fancy must be rubbing off on me, because all I could think was “Who doesn’t need a classic shirtdress pattern?”

M7156 – This is another pattern designed for wovens that I think could work equally well with knits, á la Gertie‘s Butterick 6031, which she featured in her slip sew-along. In a woven like a rayon challis it would make a breezy summer dress; in a sliny jersey it could be a cute nightgown. I’m even kind of interested in trying out the romper version. (I know, I’ve lost my mind.)

M6887 – Full disclosure, I bought this one to participate in the Outfit Along 2015, which I’ll talk about more later this week. So my reasoning was entirely governed by peer pressure (but the good kind!).

M7116 – This is arguably my favorite of the bunch, because it’s just so darn versatile. I like all four variations, I think it will work fabulously in both wovens and knits, and all of them could be hacked shorter to make tops/tunics. Eight patterns in one package? Yes please.

M7117 – I’ve got at least one wedding to attend on the horizon, and I’d like to make my ensemble when the time comes, so it felt like a good investment to snap up a pretty party dress pattern.

Which of these do you like best? Do you have a different favorite McCall’s pattern that I should put on my radar for the next sale?