January Cure 2019: Week 2

Work was an absolute beast last week, which is why this check-in post for week 2 of the January Cure is very late and the assignments are only half completed (at best).

Assignment #4: Set Up an Outbox

A pile of items, including an upright vacuum cleaner, an inflatable mattress, a paper bag of clothes, and a small cardboard box of electronics, sitting on a linoleum floor against a wood-paneled wall
Hello Outbox, my old friend

At least the week started off with something easy. I’ve used the outbox concept on and off since my first January Cure. In fact, my home office has been functioning like a very large outbox lo these many months. Periodically I’d take things to the living room so that my possessions could stare on me in silent judgment of my weaknesses, namely, my reluctance to get rid of anything that might be remotely useful to anyone. Then we’d make plans to have company, and I’d hastily shove everything back in the office till the next weekend.

Yes, my biggest issue, now as before, is getting around to actually emptying the outbox. And the reason for that is that I try to be conscientious about where I send things: I try to re-home things with family, friends, or friends-of-friends who need the items, then pursue donation, then recycling, then garbage disposal. There’s a day dedicated to emptying the outbox at the end of the Cure, so it will finally be farewell to the sundry tripping hazards that have been littering my life and my space.

Assignment #5: Take a Mini-Meditation

This one was another cheat. I’d already narrowed my January Cure project down to either sealing the windows and painting the guest room or thoroughly cleaning our home office. There’s a slim chance I’ll be able to do the windows this Friday; if the weather doesn’t cooperate or I can’t get started early enough, then I’ll turn my attention 100% to the office and worry about the windows in the spring.

Assignment #6: 30-Minute Closet Cleanout

Yeah…this one didn’t happen. My plan is to tackle our linen closet, probably this weekend.

Assignment #7: Refresh Your Living Room

For this one, I went off-piste. The brief was to remove all of the decorative objects on the surfaces in your living room, and pare down any framed photos or linens like pillows and throws. We don’t have a ton of those things to start with, and are actively trying to incorporate them into our home more. So this assignment didn’t feel particularly helpful.

Instead, we put away all of our Christmas decorations. Well, everything except the wreath and the outdoor lights, because it was cold an wet. But this weekend, for sure.

Assignment #8: Clean the Kitchen & Treat Yourself 

Uh, nope. Not even close. I made it as far as deciding to take the outside track (cleaning surfaces and appliance exteriors) and that was it. I didn’t even rustle up any flowers.

Nevertheless, I’m optimistic that I can get back on track for the rest of the week and the month. Which is a darned good thing, because we’re having people over on Sunday!

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