Assignment #9: Work on Your Project

While I had hoped to be the proud owner of a set of pristine new pantry shelves full of promise and possibility, or at the very least the hopeful owner of several plastic sacks of shelf components, instead I am the slightly crestfallen owner of a packet of papers describing in detail the elfa system I envisioned.


As it turns out, the Container Store doesn’t routinely stock all of the components available for use in the elfa system, and even if they did, they’d probably be sold out due to the very sale that prompted us to undertake this project. So instead of walking in and throwing things into a cart while delightedly checking things off my list, we waited until an associate was available to walk us through the design process. What I thought was a complimentary service provided as a courtesy to people interested in purchasing a shelving system—and perhaps a required step for anyone looking to use their installation service—is actually a necessary step for placing an order for parts. Huh.

Don’t get me wrong, the sales associate was a kind and helpful person who plugged all of our information into the computer and turned it into a proper order as efficiently as possible, and I have no complaints about her service. But having to ask for help when I didn’t really need it sort of took the wind out of my DIY sails, you know? And while she was quite speedy, it still took longer than I’d planned, which I suppose is just one of many, many reminders I’m going to get about how few home projects are done within the original schedule and/or budget.

Anyway, everything should arrive neatly shrink-wrapped at our local store this Saturday. Whether we get it all installed Saturday or Sunday will depend on how late in the day we have to pick it up. But by Monday, there will be no more non-perishables in my living room. I can hardly wait!

2 thoughts on “Assignment #9: Work on Your Project

  1. Always remember: If you think a project will only take a few hours it, in all reality, will take a full day or two. If said project is expected to take one or two days than plan for at least a week. This has always been my experience.

    A glitch almost always comes about for some reason and a delay ensues. Staying positive and coming to terms with this reality goes a long way in keeping the frustration levels low and the project going to completion.

    Excited to see pictures of your finished pantry project soon!

    1. Funnily enough, the pantry only took about half a day to actually install, but it took another half a day to format the photos and write everything up. I think I’m going to have to start counting on things taking longer because “blog about them” is now part of the project process.

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