Assignment #10: Clean a Drawer

There are no shortage of drawers in our apartment, but surprisingly enough I feel pretty good about their organization and had trouble picking a candidate for a good cleaning. That’s not to say that some of my drawers aren’t quite full, but I know what’s in all of them and can get to the things I need to without dumping everything on the floor in a mad game of hide-and-seek. So I took the easy way out and cleaned the drawer of the cart from the pantry assignment.

Things that stayed: spare batteries, butane lighters, scissors, straws, small collection of plastic cutlery (corralled in a tray), pack of chalk (for writing the contents on our coffee jars), and a tiny tool kit.

Things that went: extra chopsticks, extra plastic cutlery, a set of four glass coasters that I never use.

A handful of other items got relocated to their proper homes elsewhere in the apartment. I also fixed the drawer itself, which at some point got something wedged into the seam between the back and the bottom of the drawer, causing the bottom to buckle and the drawer to stick. Now the drawer slides easily, and there’s just a single layer of useful items in it. Hardly life-changing, but it’s an improvement.


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