While I spent most of the weekend valiantly fending off the cold that had Justin laid low for a week, I did take time out to enjoy the spring weather teaser and visually document a couple of projects that I completed last year but never photographed. Since those projects are 6+ months behind me and aren’t particularly noteworthy, I don’t see a reason to rehash them here, but if you’re interested in taking a look just follow the Ravelry link (the lowercase “r”) in the sidebar.

It’s surprisingly fulfilling to have them done. Every time I opened my projects page I thought about how I ought to just snap a few pictures, but I’m not satisfied with grainy phone photos (I prefer grainy point-and-shoot photos, ha!) and I like to use knitwear photography as an excuse to get out and see new places around town. Even though these photos were taken just a quarter mile or so from our apartment along the Greenway Trail, we went in a different direction than we usually do and got a chance to take in some new scenery. Now that they organized and uploaded, I feel like a lingering to-do has finally been crossed off my list. And there are few things I enjoy more than crossing things off lists.

What about you? Do you feel like a project isn’t really finished until it’s documented—whether that’s through photos, a blog post/status update/tweet, or a triumphant text message to your best friend—or are you happy to just enjoy the finished project and roll right into the next one?

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