The last ten days have been such a rush of events that I actually had to look at the calender and count back to be sure that it hadn’t been longer. In that span, we bought a car; we tried and failed to figure out why our washer has started to sometimes overflow during a cycle; Justin started a new job; we both stayed home from work due to weather; we entertained a house guest for two days; and Justin came down with a nasty cold that he’s still in the thick of.

All of this is to say that very little in the way of creative endeavors has been happening around here lately. Quite frankly, it makes me itch—I’m much more even-keeled when I’m making steady progress on something. That’s why I had to blog, even though I don’t have anything to share today: this is a thing I enjoy and not doing it, even when there are no deadlines and I know everyone would understand, makes me feel antsy and disconnected.

I expect everything to normalize by the end of the week, and I hope to have at least one new project to share. In the meantime, might I direct you to a favorite blog of mine, Things I Make. Plus Rocks., which today is showcasing adorable pictures of furry woodland creatures from the Yukon? The mountain goats are my favorite—what’s yours?

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